How to shampoo your dog

- Aim to bathe your dog routinely every 3 months or so, depending on coat length/thickness. Dogs with thick coats often need more regular bathing.


- Wet your dog’s hair thoroughly, but keep shampoo out of their ears and eyes.


- Regular bathing can help manage skin conditions in dogs


- Skin problems are a common cause of vet visits, and there are a variety of conditions which can cause them. If you suspect your dog or cat is suffering from a skin problem (scratching, licking or chewing an area, face rubbing, dry/red/flaky skin or hair loss) please contact us as soon as possible.


- You may be prescribed medicated shampoo depending on the suspected cause – please follow the instructions the vet gives on how to use to get the maximum benefit.


Please see the link for a step by step guide: