Terms & Conditions

At Clifton Lodge Veterinary Group we pride ourselves in offering the best possible service to our clients.  This is only possible by having set policies in place to help things run smoothly.  Please take a moment to review the following terms and conditions that apply when using our services. 



Payment for treatment

It is the policy of Clifton Lodge Veterinary Group that payment must be received in full at the time of consultation.  All of our branches have a fully staffed reception where payments can be taken by cash, credit or debit card.  We do not send out invoices for payment at a later time.  Any problems making payment must be discussed in advance with a member of management at the practice.  We do not offer credit for treatment.



Insurance claims

When treatment carried out at the surgery is covered by Pet Insurance, we ask that you provide us with your latest insurance documentation before making a claim, detailing any policy limitations, excesses or exclusions.  It is preferred that you settle the account in full after treatment and submit the claim payable to yourself, as this allows payment from insurance companies to be handled more efficiently.  All claims are completed by an appointed member of staff, with no administration fees.


Direct claims are insurance claims to be paid directly to the surgery by your insurance company.  We have the option of doing direct claims with some insurance companies, but not all.  Excesses should be paid before claims are submitted and continuation claim forms should be handed in each time your pet receives follow-up treatment (including repeat medications).  It is the standard practice of insurance companies only to charge one annual excess per policy year for each condition, however additional percentage excesses may apply on your policy.  Any excess should be paid in a timely fashion and not allowed to build up over time.      .



Consultation fees

Our consultation fee includes a full health check by a Veterinary Surgeon, whereby any health concerns you may have at the time can be discussed and investigated.  Consultations are charged at a set rate and so a check up with a Veterinary Surgeon will always incur this fee.  Rechecks at a later date will incur a reduced consultation fee, to allow our vets to re-visit the current health concerns and ensure the best ongoing treatment is maintained.  There is no additional consultation fee charged for up to two ‘post-op checks’, whereby a patient has had treatment requiring sedation or general anaesthetic; however any further treatment given at the time (medications etc) will incur their own additional costs. 



Prescription Medication checks

We are required by law to examine patients every 6 months in order to continue administering prescription-only medications.  A full examination by a Veterinary Surgeon is required for this and a consultation fee will be charged, covering this assessment.  Some medications will require check ups more frequently, so we will endeavour to keep you informed of when these are required.  When requesting repeat medication, we ask that you allow 2 working days for these to be dispensed and checked by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon.



Home Visits

Where possible, we prefer to treat patients at the surgery to allow us to give the best care possible.  However, if you feel it is in the best interests of your pet to be seen in the home environment, we can arrange for a vet and nurse to come to your home.  We always endeavour to carry out these visits as soon as possible upon request, however this is dependant on meeting the demands of prior-booked appointments and so is subject to delays.  A home visit fee is charged and payable at the time, and this will always be quoted when home visits are requested.